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Massage & Beauty Salon in East Dulwich


Welcome to Mothers inc. the number one massage, relaxation and beauty space for mothers in East Dulwich, South London.

"Are you a nursery?"  No

"Why are you called Mothers inc?"  Because we offer treatments and workshops tailored for Mothers and we provide on-site childcare

"Do I have to bring a child with me?"  No.

"Do you treat dads?"  Yes

"Do you treat non Mothers?"  Yes, lots!!

"Can I come in with my friends that are not mums?"  Of course you can!

These are just some of the question’s we have been asked in the past.

SO just to be clear. Mothers Inc was created by a mother, who wanted all mums to be able to relax and enjoy massage or beauty treatments without having to worry about childcare. At Mothers Inc we understand the joys, stresses and strains that come attached to motherhood, at times it may feel non-stop.

Mothers Inc. is a place to come if you need a moment to relax, refresh and b r e a t h e. With our on-site crèche from newborn upwards, if you need a massage, facial, manicure or just a moment to yourself we are here for you.

It is extremely important to allocate regular “me time” as a Mother and we are the perfect space for just that.

Mothers Inc “Because every day should be Mother’s day”

Book your Mothers Inc experience today. We are located at 124 Forest Hill Road, bordering Peckham Rye, Honor Oak and Forest Hill.
Oh! We also host great pamper parties, pregnancy evenings and various workshops so sign up to our newsletter to be in the loop!


E - Vouchers

We sell personalised Gift Vouchers, just give us a call and we can process the payment over the phone and send to you via email.

Tel. 020 8693 4033

Pamper Parties

Why not book your daughter's Pamper Party with Mothers inc. Guaranteed to be her best party to date!

Give us a call on 0208 693 3033 or email us.

Our Address

Mothers inc
124 Forest Hill Road
East Dulwich
SE22 0RS

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